About Us

Classroom Couture came about due to a lack of anything like it on the market. As educators we like to theme our classrooms each year. Before each school year begins, we peruse the aisles of all the local teacher supply stores searching, hoping to find something to help with making the theme a successful one.  We always come up empty handed.  The stores might have one or two items that go with the theme, but it doesn’t have everything we are in search of. As educators we felt there was a need for a book that helped to create a theme-based classroom.  A book that not only had the ideas but had the black-lines to reproduce the ideas! There is nothing like Classroom Couture on the market. Over the years we have compiled an extensive variety of theme based school years. We create everything, from the beginning of the school year letters, behavior plans, parent communications, student accomplishments, and even an end of the year showcase.

Classroom Couture has been presented at CTA conferences, with an overwhelming response to the book series. We have also presented at colleges to student teachers. We feel that this book is beneficial in so many ways. As educators we love to share, we feel that so many more could benefit from these ideas, through our books Classroom Couture.