Management with style!

A complete designers guide to create a theme based classroom.

Classroom Couture books provide everything you need to create a classroom with function and style. The design plan starts with setting up your classroom , first day activities, and a guide to carry you throughout the year with flair. The plan also provides behavior and classroom management solutions that correspond with your classroom theme of the year.

Why a themed classroom?
A classroom theme helps keep you and your students organized and excited for the year. It is a great way for the students to feel a sense of ownership for their classroom. A rich environment is an important factor for learning. This theme will enhance learning and give you time saving ideas that allow you to focus on what you love most, the students.

You will receive techniques that we have used in our classrooms. With over 20 years experience, we bring you things that work! The ideas are student approved and loved. It can be used in any K-6 classroom.